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How do you decide which kind of roof is right for you? We urge to to please consider the following:

  • It is important to realize that the installation of a metal roof (compared to asphalt or flat) will certainly cost more up front, but will pay off in the long run in a few different ways. The metal roofing fixture acts to keep heat contained in your house during winter months, and release the heat during summer months. Thus, metal roofing can result in reduced electricity bills. This metal roof could be the last roof you ever install on your house because it lasts 3 times longer than shingles. Trust that our Halifax roofing company has thought of the benefits for you!
  • Did know that a metal roof can even potentially lower your insurance premiums? Metal is extraordinarily durable to hail, trees and cannot catch fire. Metals roofs can be installed over your shingles, saving you money on dumping fees and keeping waste out of our landfills.

Benefits of a metal roof:

  • Increases the value of your home
  • Save on energy bills
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Metal roofs offer superior wind resistance
  • Metal roofs can be installed over shingles
  • Metal is fire resistant
  • Steel panels have a zinc and aluminum coating to prevent rust
  • Superior strength for increased snow load
  • A metal roof is very quiet if installed over solid roof sheathing
  • Lasts 50+ years

Metal roofs, especially in Halifax, have become a lot more popular in recent years because of their numerous benefits. Since a metal roofing fixture cannot crack, rot, or leak, it is amongst the most durable products on the market. Panels are coated with a zinc and aluminum coating before being painted, making them corrosion-resistant and last much longer than other roofing materials.

There are a lot of different metal roof designs to choose from. Contact Accurate Roofing for a consultation and let us show you the possibilities. Work with this Halifax roofing company, and never regret the decision a day in your life.

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