Flat Roofs

Installing the proper material for your flat roof is crucial. Most flat roofs don't have an attic space and if they do, it is usually not very big. This means your home may not have enough insulation, causing heat and humidity to drift into the roof, leading to condensation and potentially mold. The best solution in this situation is to add insulation on top of the roof.

Benefits of a flat roof:

  • Insulation can be added on top of the roof
  • A deck or entertainment area can be built on the roof
  • Some flat roof designs can be turned into living areas through additions
  • Flat roofs can be installed on surfaces with minimal to no slope
  • A maintenance-free green roof system can be installed over your flat roof, helping control rain water
  • A flat roof may not need to be vented
  • Skylights installed in a flat roof ensure natural light in the home all day long
  • Material used on flat roofs is tough enough to walk on

Wood framing can transmit cold from outdoors. Adding insulation on top of a flat roof reduces heat loss because framing is not needed, resulting in continuous insulation without gaps.

We offer different length warranties based on how many layers of roofing are installed and always recommend going with a minimum 2-ply system whenever installing a deck over your roof for extra support.

If you have a flat roof, sections of it can potentially be framed, giving you the option to expand your living space. Accurate Roofing can guide you through the process, ensuring it is done properly. Contact us today for a consultation!

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