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Not sure where to start? We want to be your roofing company of choice so put us to the test! Book your free estimate and let us prove to you we know our craft.

When it comes to picking the right product for your roof, we will give you our professional advice in the options and budgets available. We take pride in our name so we make sure you get a professional job, done right the first time.

Roof Installations

There are lots of reasons to pay attention to what's overhead. You want your roof to protect everything and everyone within your home or business. You want to be comfortable and safe from leaks. You want your roof to look and function the way it should.

Accurate Roofing can help you to fill all those needs. We are an honest and reliable choice amongst Nova Scotia roofing companies, and we hope you will give us the chance to prove it.

A strong, durable roof does not happen by accident. The secret to residential roofing in Nova Scotia is hiring a good roofing contractor to do the job right the first time. Our contractors believe you should get what you pay for. You shouldn't have to call another roofer to fix the mistakes made by a previous roofing contractor. You should be able to rely on your contractor to be thoroughly professional and efficient.

Roof Repairs

Accurate Roofing is the right answer to any exterior project you may need for your home.

  • Has your roof experienced wind or hail damage?
  • Have shingles lifted away or curled down into the roof?
  • Is the product on your roof now discontinued ?
  • Can you see bare wood where you should not be able to ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely to be the time to call your professional roofing contractor. At Accurate Roofing one of our Roofing Specialists will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or project ideas you might have.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Your roof requires proper care and a trained professional should be called upon to assist you. Once water penetrates your roof deck and finds its way inside, the cost of the damages can triple.

Why gamble on safety? Do not take chances when it comes to your roof! That is why our warranty is tailored towards the specific needs of your home. Protect your home with the proper roof specialist and get better value for the best price.

Roof Inspections & Emergency Repair

We offer roof inspections as well as 24/7 emergency repair. Give us a call at 902-817.1967 or contact us through the Website.

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