Sloped / Shingled Roof

Some homeowners don't think about their roof until it's too late. It's very important to protect your most valuable investment. Waiting too long to get your roof placed can cause extremely expensive repairs to your home. Some of the repairs could consist of, drywall, insulation, rotten wood, mold, flooring, structural integrity of your home and so much more!

Benefits of shingled roofs:

  • Embedded copper in granules prevent staining, moss and algae
  • UV protector in new shingle styles will outperform the old
  • Easy installation, making iot more cost effective
  • Several styles and unique colours to suit any taste
  • New fiberglass and asphalt shingles are more flexible
  • The tar/sealant strips on the new shingles are far superior ompared to previous types
  • Shingles can be recycled once torn off
  • Steeper roofs are stronger and will last longer
  • Shingles can be walked on without causing damages
  • Can be installed all year long
  • 40-50 Year manufacturers' warranties, 10 year transferable workmanship warranty

There is more to your roof than just installing the shingle products. One of the most neglected and most important aspects is proper ventilation and insulation. You and your home produce heat and humidity that has to go somewhere. It drifts into your attic and through the insulation. If you don't have proper amounts of insulation you're hurting your energy bill and your roof.

How much ventilation do you need? If your roof doesn't have enough it won't be able to cycle humid air out quick enough, causing condensation. When humid air meets a cold surface it will condense. Your roof requires sufficient ventilation to keep up with the amounts of humidity released into the attic.

A general rule of thumb for proper amounts of ventilation is 60% intake and 40% exhaust. We use a formula of 300 square feet of attic space per 1 square foot of ventilation and understand the importance so we do an attic inspection during our free estimates.

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